Seminar: Neuroinformatics 4

Algorithms and machine learning
Advanced studies
Year Semester Date Period Language In charge
2012 spring 18.01-25.04. 3-4 English Aapo Hyvärinen


Time Room Lecturer Date
Wed 14-16 B119 Aapo Hyvärinen 18.01.2012-22.02.2012
Wed 14-16 B119 Aapo Hyvärinen 14.03.2012-25.04.2012

Information for international students

The seminar will be in English.


This year's topic for the neuroinformatics seminar is

Consciousness in brains and machines

We will investigate the phenomenon of consciousness in a truly multidisciplinary fashion. A bit more emphasis will be placed on computational models of consciousness developed in artificial intelligence and computational neuroscience, but the basic ideas of the philosophy, neuroscience, and psychology of consciousness will be equally represented.


Completing the course

To get the credit points, you are supposed to

  • Participate in all the sessions of the seminar. One absence is OK, more than one if you have a very good reason.
  • Give a talk based on given material, typically a scientific article. Who gets what will be decided in the first seminar session.
  • Write, in the end, a short report on what you learned at the seminar (something like 10 lines per presentation).
    Deadline for the report is 15th May.

There is no overlap with the previous neuroinformatics seminars, so you can do this seminar every year.

Literature and material

The articles considered in the seminar are being gathered  here. (Not all of the papers on that page will actually be considered.)

Schedule of presentations:

25.1. Kaj (Baars)
 1.2. Fabian (Dehaene)
 8.2. Athanasios (Tononi)
15.2. Sanchez (Chella)
22.2. Mikko (Hesslow), Javad (Fountas)

14.3. Heini (Railo)
21.3. Dmitri (Schurger and the other paper)
28.3. No seminar!
 4.4. Marko (Marti), Matthew (Anathanarayanan)
18.4. Ben (Itti Koch)
25.4. Ksenia (Sloman)

General guidelines on the length of the talks:

Ordinary session (one speaker): 45 min talk + discussion 30min
Shared session (two speakers): 30min talk + discussion 15 min + 30 min talk + discussion 15 min

Here's an example of what the slides could look like

Please send your slides to me after your talk. Slides from past talks are available here but they can be accessed only from UH and Aalto computers.