Seminar: Advanced Topics in Human-Computer Interaction

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Advanced studies
The seminar will cover emerging topics from the field of Human-Computer Interaction including surface and multitouch computing, multimodal interaction as haptic feedback in gestural interfaces, implicit interaction with eye tracking and physiological sensors, visual search, usability of privacy and security. The seminar work will include either an essay and presentation or some practical work in obtaining interaction data from a real system.
Year Semester Date Period Language In charge
2013 autumn 06.09-06.12. 1-2 English Giulio Jacucci


Time Room Lecturer Date
Fri 10-12 C220 Giulio Jacucci 06.09.2013-11.10.2013
Fri 10-12 C220 Giulio Jacucci 01.11.2013-06.12.2013


In this seminar students will learn, study experiment with an advanced topic of Human-Computer Interaction. The topics include:

-Large screen interactions include multitouch, mid air gestures , vibrohaptics 

-implicit interaction through eye gaze in information exploration

-Urban Augmented reality including mobile access to localised information and scenes using tablets and considering audio

Completing the course

To complete the course students write a literature review and work on practical application of the concepts. The practical work can include a user study, a software implementation or analysis of data.

Literature and material

Proceedings of the CHIConference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, available online:

For refernce on basic concepts in teh library if needed:

Sears, A., & Jacko, J. A. (Eds.).  The human-computer interaction handbook: fundamentals, evolving technologies and emerging applications. CRC Press