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Vaalibotti Valtteri - An automated election news reporter
Valtteri the Election Bot automatically writes short reports, in Finnish, Swedish and English, for Finnish municipal elections. Valtteri has a high degree of modularity, and major parts of its methods are application and language-independent, resulting in a high flexibility. Valtteri is part of the Immersive Automation project that studies the automation of editorial processes.

Runokone / Poem Machine / P.O. Eticus-Apparatus - Poetry writing companion
Poem Machine is an interactive poetry writing tool helping authors such as school kids be more creative, by providing initial poem fragments to start with, giving suggestions for various types of rhymes, and even with a magic wand that replaces words by new ones!

Musicreatures - iPhone as your musical co-creator
Musicreatures is a novel iPhone app that utilizes the multimodal interaction capabilities of smart phones in playful, real-time musicalization. It is targeted for all users regardless of their prior musical background. With the application, the user can create music in a simple game-like environment mainly using motion gestures. - Auditory display of sleep measurements
Sleep musicalization is a novel way of perceiving and experiencing sleep measurement data. The web application retrieves sleep measurements from the Beddit service and then musicalizes them by composing a novel piece of music. The goal is to help users understand and analyze their sleeping patterns and eventually improve their sleep.

Biomine search engine - Bioinformatics link discovery
A prototype of an associative search engine for biological information, integrated from multiple public sources and implemented using techniques developed in the Biomine project.

BMVis - Graph visualisation
A graph visualization tool in Java, used to display the results of the Biomine search engine. BMVis is a stable version which provides basic visulization and interaction. BMVis2 is more experimental and additionally implements a number of functions to process (e.g., cluster, simplify, compress) a graph.

HaploRec - Haplotype reconstruction
Scalable software for population-based haplotype phasing, especially for sparse marker maps.

ContextPhone - Context-aware software platform for mobile phones
ContextPhone is an open software platform for context-aware applications. It can be used to collect, analyze and transmit information about its context, as well as to tag and publish contextual media.

HPM and TreeDT - Gene mapping methods
Software for association analysis, i.e., gene mapping based on linkage disequilibrium

AsVis - Visualization of association rules in SNP neighborhoods
A web application, available as source code, for visualizing association rules obtained from short, sequential data, such as SNP neighborhoods

Bassist - MCMC simulation for Bayesian statistical models
Bassist is a tool that automates the use of hierarchical Bayesian models in complex analysis tasks, by generating a model-specific MCMC sampler.



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