Guest lecture: prof. Jon Crowcroft: Zero Carbon Networking

Guest lecture in Exactum, Kumpula Campus, room B222 on Tue 28.9.2010 at 10-12

Speaker: Prof. Jon Crowcroft Zero Carbon Networking

Title: Zero Carbon Networking

In the UK funded INTelligent Energy awaRe NETworks project we are starting to look at how to reduce the carbon cost of the Internet to zero. In this talk, I will describe the three core aspects to our research plan: firstly we replace as much as possible of the electronics in access and core networks with photonics; secondly, we make use of energy proportional rate and route adaption through feedback mechanism about power usage based on the ideas in the IETF Congestion Exposure research; finally, we migrate services through fast VM and data burst switching to sites co-located with renewable energy resources where there is current overproduction - for example wind farm or tidal barriers. The overall goal is to produce models that are analogous to co-optimising two networks, one for communications and services, the other for energy - and are analogous to co-optimising two networks, one for communications and services, the other for energy - and taking advantage of the observation that transmission of power over a distance is far more lossy than data.

About Jon Crowcroft:

Jon Crowcroft is the Marconi Professor of Networked Systems in the Computer Laboratory, of the University of Cambridge. Prior to that he was professor of networked systems at UCL in the Computer Science Department. He has supervised over 45 PhD students and over 150 Masters students.
He is a Fellow of the ACM, a Fellow of the British Computer Society and a Fellow of the IEE and a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, as well as a Fellow of the IEEE. He was a member of the IAB 96-02, and went to the first 50 IETF meetings; was general chair for the ACM SIGCOMM 95-99; is recipient of Sigcomm Award in 2009. He is the Principle Investigator in the Computer Lab for the EU Social Networks project, the EPSRC funded
Horizon Digital Economy project, hubbed at Nottingham, the EPSRC funded project on federated sensor nets project FRESNEL, in collaboration with Oxford ; and a new 5-year project towards a Carbon Neutral Internet with Leeds.

Event time: 
28.09.2010 - 10:15 - 12:00
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