Guest Lecture: Wireless Secret Key Sharing Based on the Use of Variable-directional Antenna over Multipath Channels

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Guest lecture
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25.09.2014 - 14:30 - 15:30
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Prof. Valery Korzhik
Exactum, B120
Title of the talk: *Wireless Secret Key Sharing  Based on the Use of Variable -directional Antenna Over Multipath Channels*
Speaker : Dr.Professor of *State St.Petersburg University of Telecommunications (SUT)*, IEEE member Valery Korzhik,
Co-authors: V.Yakovlev,D.Kovajkin, D.Oreshkin (SUT), Guillermo Morales Luna,(CINVESTAV-IPN, Mexico)
This paper was presented on *ELMAR Symposium-2010*, Proc.pp.277-281 and has been published in *Intern Journal of  Advanced Computer Science and Applications*,No.1,2012,
Abstract. The problem of secret key distribution for WLAN is still very important because conventional methods (public -key cryptosystems, quantum cryptography , presence of noise  in eavesdropper's channels) have defects and cannot be directly recommended for application. Several years ago it has been proposed a method based on channel fluctuations owing  object motion. In order to overcome a possible defect of  the above approach  when objects can be stopped , it was proposed recently an approach to use smart antenna as a measure of a channel characteristic  fluctuations provided by electronic means.The goal of the current presentation is to investigate correctly both security and reliability of this key distribution protocol. Efficiency of this approach is determined in terms of Shannon's information leaking to eavesdropper that is placed on some distance from the place of legal user. The reliability is determined by the probability of  the key bit errors for different methods of error correction.It is worth to noting that randomness provided by SMART antenna is also randomness for legal users and hence no secret key are known in advance.
 Simulation results confirm the theoretical investigations.A developing of this approach for now is the use of so called MIMO
Keywords: WLAN systems, key distribution, privacy amplification theorem, multipath channel. 
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