Guest Lectures: "Metabolic modelling in industrial biotechnology" and "Metabolite Identification through Machine Learning"

Event type: 
Guest lecture
Event time: 
23.11.2015 - 12:15 - 14:00
Lecturer : 
Dr. Merja Oja and Prof. Juho Rousu

Dr. Merja Oja (VTT) will give a talk on Metabolic modelling in industrial biotechnology and Prof. Juho Rousu (Aalto Univ.) will give a talk on Metabolite Identification through Machine Learning. The lectures are targeted to the students of the Modeling and Analysis in Bioinformatics course but others are welcome to attend.

18.11.2015 - 14:07 Leena Salmela
18.11.2015 - 14:06 Leena Salmela