MBI - Spring 2015

Spring 2015

The following listing consist mostly of advanced bioinformatics courses organized by MBI and the sub-programmes to which MBI is splitting to. Due to many different degree requirements, the teaching programme does not list anymore all the required courses; relevant computer science, statistics, and mathematics courses can be found at the department-specific teaching programmes: CS/UH, MATHSTAT, ICS.


Teaching Programme



Department of Computer Science courses: 58-, Department of Mathematics and Statistics courses: 57- ,  Aalto-courses:T-.


Period III

T-61.6070 Special Course in Bioinformatics I (continues)

582483 Biological Sequence Analysis

57734 Statistical genetics

T-61.5110 Modelling Biological Networks


Periods III and IV

58315101 Seminar on Analysis and Assembly of Big Bioinformatics Data

58307312 MSc Thesis Seminar on Bioinformatics

57739 Statistical methods in medicine and epidemiology


Period IV

582715 Algorithms in Molecular Biology

582676 Project in Biological Sequence Analysis

T-61.6080 Special Course in Bioinformatics II


Period V

582716 Project in Algorithms in Molecular Biology


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