Jouni Sirén rewarded for his PhD thesis on compressed indexes

On the recommendation of The Finnish Society for Computer Science (TKTS), The Finnish Information-Processing Research Foundation has awarded its dissertation reward 2013 to Ph.D. Jouni Sirén for his thesis ‘Compressed Full-Text Indexes for Highly Repetitive Collections’. The thesis was completed for the Department of Computer Science at the University of Helsinki.

The thesis of Jouni Sirén  studies efficient and compressed full-text indexes from the point of view of repetitive data collections. In the thesis, a through design and analysis of data structures and algorithms is combined with application of the presented solutions to practical problems. The Finnish Society for Computer Science (TKTS) recommended the award for the thesis on the basis of the quality of the research and the appreciation of the research community.

The work of Jouni Sirén was supervised by Professor Veli Mäkinen from the University of Helsinki.

The prize was awarded at the annual Computer Science event of TKTS in Oulu on June 3-4, 2013. More information on this event is available in the blog of the department.

More information in Finnish on the web pages of the The Finnish Society for Computer Science and The Finnish Information Processing Association.

06.07.2013 - 10:47 Pirjo Moen
26.06.2013 - 10:06 Pirjo Moen