Yi Ding defends his PhD thesis on Collaborative Traffic Offloading for Mobile Systems on November 26th, 2015


M.Sc. Yi Ding will defend his doctoral thesis Collaborative Traffic Offloading for Mobile Systems on Thursday the 26th of November 2015 at 12 o'clock in the University of Helsinki Main Building, Hall 5 (Fabianinkatu 33). His opponent is Professor Steve Uhlig (Queen Mary University of London, UK) and custor Professor Sasu Tarkoma (University of Helsinki). The defence will be held in English.

Collaborative Traffic Offloading for Mobile Systems

Due to the popularity of smartphones and mobile streaming services, the growth of traffic volume in mobile networks is phenomenal. This leads to huge investment pressure on mobile operators' wireless access and core infrastructure, while the profits do not necessarily grow at the same pace. As a result, it is urgent to find a cost-effective solution that can scale to the ever increasing traffic volume generated by mobile systems. Among many visions, mobile traffic offloading is regarded as a promising mechanism by using complementary wireless communication technologies, such as WiFi, to offload data traffic away from the overloaded mobile networks. The current trend to equip mobile devices with an additional WiFi interface also supports this vision.

This dissertation presents a novel collaborative architecture for mobile traffic offloading that can efficiently utilize the context and resources from networks and end systems. The main contributions include a network-assisted offloading framework, a collaborative system design for energy-aware offloading, and a software-defined networking (SDN) based offloading platform. Our work is the first in this domain to integrate energy and context awareness into mobile traffic offloading from an architectural perspective. We have conducted extensive measurements on mobile systems to identify hidden issues of traffic offloading in the operational networks. We implement the offloading protocol in the Linux kernel and develop our energy-aware offloading framework in C++ and Java on commodity machines and smartphones. Our prototype systems for mobile traffic offloading have been tested in a live environment. The experimental results suggest that our collaborative architecture is feasible and provides reasonable improvement in terms of energy saving and offloading efficiency. We further adopt the programmable paradigm of SDN to enhance the extensibility and deployability of our proposals. We release the SDN-based platform under open-source licenses to encourage future collaboration with research community and standards developing organizations. As one of the pioneering work, our research stresses the importance of collaboration in mobile traffic offloading. The lessons learned from our protocol design, system development, and network experiments shed light on future research and development in this domain.

Availability of the dissertation

An electronic version of the doctoral dissertation is availabe on the e-thesis site of the University of Helsinki at http://urn.fi/URN:ISBN:978-951-51-1762-5.

Printed copies will be available on request from Yi Ding: tel. 02941 51296 or yi.ding@cs.helsinki.fi.

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