Pan Hui

Data science

Research group



Aapo Hyvärinen


Research group



Giulio Jacucci

Interactive systems, HCI

Research group

Ubiquitous Interaction (UIx)»


Jussi Kangasharju

Data networks and distributed systems, ambient intelligence

Research group

Collaborative Networking (CoNe)»


Jyrki Kivinen

Machine learning, algorithms

Research group

Machine Learning»


Tommi Mikkonen

Software systems

Research group



Ville Mustonen


Research group


Petri Myllymäki

Intelligent systems, machine learning, probability models

Research group

Complex Systems Computation (CoSCo)»


Veli Mäkinen

Algorithmic bioinformatics

Research group

Genome-scale algorithmics (GSA)»


Tomi Männistö

Software engineering

Research group

Product Requirements and Architecture (Preago)»


Valtteri Niemi

Data security

Research group

Secure Systems»


Jukka Paakki

Professor emeritus, Software systems


Sasu Tarkoma

Distributed systems and data communications

Research group

Content-centric structures and networking (COSN)»


Hannu Toivonen

Data science, artificial intelligence, computational creativity

Research group

Discovery group: Data Mining and Computational Creativity»


Esko Ukkonen

Algorithms, combinatorial pattern matching, bio-informatics, machine learning

Research group

Combinatorial Pattern Matching»


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