Invited Presentations

Modeling Linguistic Relationships and Language Evolution
Invited speaker at University of Saarland Colloquium: Distinguished Speakers in Language Science
(2016) Saarbrücken, Germany
Language technology for large-scale surveillance of open information sources
Invited speaker at Workshop on Innovation in Border Control, Co-located with the European Conference on Intelligence and Security Informatics (EISIC)
(2013) Uppsala, Sweden
Discovering complex networks of events and relations in News Surveillance    (video)
Keynote speaker at the 4th International Symposium on Open Source Intelligence and Web Mining (OSINT-WM) in conjuction with the European Conference on Intelligence and Security Informatics (European ISI 2011)
(2011) Athens, Greece.

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Information-theoretic modeling of etymological sound change
Invited speaker at the Workshop on comparing approaches to measuring linguistic differences
(2011) Gothenburg, Sweden
Probabilistic models for aligning Uralic etymological data
Invited speaker at Biological Evolution and the Diversification of Languages (BEDLAN) Seminar: Evolutionary Perspectives Of Language Change
(2011) Seili, Finland.
Discovering complex events and relations in text: Frontex real-time news event extraction framework
Invited speaker at Tutorial for Member States: Frontex news event extraction framework and Frontex Media Monitor
(2011) Frontex EC Agency, Warsaw, Poland.
Finding Facts from Text—Information Extraction Technology    (slides.pdf)
Invited speaker at European Commission's Joint Research Centre (EC-JRC) European Commission's Directorate General Joint Research Centre,
(2006) Ispra, Italy.
Acquisition of Domain Knowledge
Invited speaker at SCIE-2002: 3rd Summer Convention on Information Extraction
(2002) University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy.