Networking in Open Distributed Environments (NODES)

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Research unit or network

The NODES research network and community consists of interacting research groups in the field of distributed systems and data communication, ranging from the design and implementation of Internet protocols and wireless solutions to new challenges pertaining to globally interoperating business services and interactive systems. The focus areas are networked systems and their enablers: interoperability (e.g., service and software platforms, trust management, privacy), mobility (technology and location independence, wireless computing), information networks, ubiquitous computing, and interactive systems. NODES combines the departmental tradition of wireless and mobile computing with new emerging research themes. The focus of the group is expanding from platform protocols to solving application layer challenges.

Research groups in Nodes:

  • Collaborative and Interoperable Computing (CINCO)
  • Collaborative Networking (CoNe)
  • Content-centric structures and networking (COIN)
  • Secure Systems
  • Ubiquitous Interaction
  • Wireless Internet (WInt)

Contact person: Professor Sasu Tarkoma