Esko Ukkonen’s birthday coffee

The head of the department, Esko Ukkonen, celebrated his 60th birthday. The celebration was held in Exactum at the end of January. The party was attended by employees of the Department of Computer Science and invited guests. The programme included both congratulatory speeches and songs, with a quartet from Wiipurilaisen Osakunnan Laulajat (the Viipuri students’ association singers) singing a song for a former active member. Esko was inspector in Kymenlaakson Osakunta (the Kymenlaakso students’ association) for over ten years.

Esko Ukkonen’s career at the Department of Computer Science began in 1972. The first year, he worked as a part-time teacher, and the following year he was already part of the research community. He took his Master’s degree in mathematics in ‘73. The same year he transferred to computer science and became a PhD student for Martti Tienari, the founder of the Department of Computer Science. After defending his thesis it took only a couple of years before he was conferred his first assistant professorship in 1981.

During his long academic career, Esko has also worked internationally: at Berkeley in the United States and at Freidburg in Germany. Professor Ukkonen was elected head of the department for the next four-year period starting in 2010.

At his own request, the money collected for his present was given to the Red Cross. Esko wants to thank you all for contributing to a good cause!

A really welcome present was the volume in honour of him made by his former students. The volume consists of some twenty research articles written by Professor Ukkonen’s former students and collaboration partners.

Once more, congratulations to Esko!

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The new Computer Science web pages are located on the server.

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Inaugural lectures on Wed 29.11. in the Main Building

New professors of Computer Science will have their inaugural lectures (20 minutes each) on Wednesday 29.11. in the Main Building, Room 6 new side, 3rd. floor.

Before the lecture the Dean Esko Ukkonen will briefly introduce Pan Hui.


Before the lecture the Vice dean Minna Nyström will briefly introduce Ville Mustonen.

15.15 Ville Mustonen: Voiko evoluutiota ennustaa?

Uni­versity of Hel­sinki elec­ted Nokia Bell Labs part­ner

The collaboration between Nokia and the university is tightening in the field of data science; the research into data networks, artificial intelligence, and enhanced reality is receiving more attention.

The Department of Computer Science celebrates its 50th Anniversary


This year the Department of Computer Science of the University of Helsinki celebrates its 50th Anniversary. The festivities include a Jubilee Seminar on Thursday 31 August 2017, at 1-6 p.m., in the Great Hall of the University Main Building (Unioninkatu 34).