Algorithmic Bioinformatics

The subprogramme educates experts that can turn biological questions into appropriate computational data analysis challenges.  As a student of this subprogramme, you get a view of current hot-topics in molecular biology and learn general principles and methods for formulating and solving computational problems. In addition to the core methodological studies in algorithms and machine learning, particularly for biological data, you are encouraged to get experience and take courses in molecular biology and related areas.

The subprogramme operates in an umbrella manner, combining courses offered by several departments and universities. Namely, the compulsory courses are the same as in the subprogramme of algorithms and machine learning and advanced studies in bioinformatics are collected from the internal offerings of the subprogramme, as well as from the offerings of Department of Mathematics and Statistics (University of Helsinki) and Department of Information and Computer Science  (Aalto University). The subprogramme together with its counterparts (namely, biometry and bioinformatics, biomathematics, and life science technologies) in collaborating departments replaces gradually the MBI programme, that has acted in the similar umbrella manner since 2006: MBI still works in parallel to these subprogrammes but organizes no longer student admissions.

Contact persons: Juha Kärkkäinen and Veli Mäkinen