Applying for a traineeship in 2016

University students can enter a salaried traineeship of 1-3 months. The trainee period may be longer if the employer participates in the costs. Applications for traineeship assistance should be made to your own major-subject department.

The following can be traineeship employers:

  • Government offices and institutions
  • Private enterprises (including Finnish companies located abroad), organisations, city councils, and state-owned companies
  • The separate institutions, library, administrative office, faculties, and departments of the University of Helsinki
  • In special cases, the student's own department
  • Foreign employers abroad

The following rules and instructions apply to traineeships:

  • The training must be focused, tutored and supervised
  • The trainee assistance will not be given a second time to students who have received it before
  • The traineeships are mainly intended for major-subject students in the last stages of their degree
  • The salary for a trainee is at least 1,173 Euros per month
  • Trainees earn two days off for each full holiday-entitlement month. Trainees are not paid a holiday bonus, but they have to take the time off.
  • Traineeships can be given to foreign students who are degree students at the University of Helsinki.

The salary can vary according to traineeship placement, depending on how much the employer contributes towards the costs. The traineeship salary is normal taxable income, so you need to calculate it into the income affecting your study grant.


Trainee vacancies


Governmental bodies typically submit their open traineeship positions to Career Services for which they request University funding in early December.

You'll find these traineeship offers on an electronic job board. Such traineeships cannot be applied for directly, but rather you must first obtain information about your department´s or faculty´s traineeship practices. Your department or faculty can allocate funding to specific traineeship offers or can select/approve the students whose traineeship is funded.

A University-funded traineeship position may also be featured among the job notices published by Career Services if University funding is not a requirement for applying. Normally the only traineeship positions published among job notices are positions for which the employer pays the full salary. See other job advertisements.

You can find your own trainee placement, but in that case you must present a job description, on the basis of which we can decide whether the job is suitable for traineeship assistance. If you have found your own trainee placement, please contact Teija Kujala.


Applying for assisted traineeships


 Traineeship applicants must fill in the form to apply for TRAINEESHIP ASSISTANCE by Friday 19th February 2016. The traineeships must be contracted by 30 April.
The department trainee quota for 2016 is 7 assisted trainees (with 2 assisted months per trainee). Contracts are negotiated between trainees and placements. The salary will vary according to placement, with the minimum being €1173 per month.
There are two phases for applying for a trainee placement:
Phase 1: fill in the e-form to apply for TRAINEE ASSISTANCE by Friday 19 February 2016 (this information will not be handed over to the employer).
Information requested on the form:
    * Personal data: name, student number, e-mail address, home address, telephone number
    * Study data: when you started your studies, how many credits you have, your sub-programme, if any
    * Traineeship information: which traineeship/s you want to apply to
    * Previous work experience
Phase 2: send your CV and free-form applications to the employers by the deadlines they have given.
The cover letter to the employer should include at least the following details:
    * Personal and contact details (name, postal and e-mail address, phone number)
    * At which stage you are in your studies
          o transcript from the study register
          o in addition, it can be a good idea to describe at which stage in your studies you are in your own words
    * Previous work and traineeships, if any
    * IT skills, interests
Employers will make their final choice on the basis of the application and possibly interviews. If you wish, you can make a separate personalized application for each internship position you are interested in.
All students who have been granted trainee ASSISTANCE will be notified in person by e-mail immediately after the decision has been made. Once a student who has been granted the assistance has gained a traineeship, he or she must let Teija Kujala know as soon as possible, so that we can write a traineeship contract.
If you are interested in an internship and need more information, please come and see me in office D235, call me, or send me an e-mail. My contact details are at the bottom of this page.

Additional information

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