Channels for feedback

Feedback is gathered from the students for the evaluation and development of teaching that promotes in-depth learning. The feedback is used to streamline teaching to make it appropriate for reaching the learning objectives; meaningful for students and effective when it comes to teaching arrangements.

The teacher of each course is responsible for gathering feedback. Teachers will gather feedback with the department’s feedback form, and in other ways if they want to:

  • in informal meetings and encounters
  • during their office hours, exams, and oral exams
  • in HOPS counselling and supervising theses
  • by informal oral and written feedback in teaching of classes and smaller groups, at different stages of the course.

The feedback given with the form is anonymous. However, it may be most fruitful to give feedback directly to a teacher, e.g. by email. It is up to the students whether they want to give any feedback, but the more students that give us feedback, the easier it will be to develop the teaching arrangements. In some courses, it may be compulsory to assess your own work in relation to the course work.

As the need arises, each teacher compiles a written summary of the feedback for their courses along with their own comments (‘re-feedback’).

Own internal feedback session for the course. The session is informal and it is not necessary to take the minutes of the meeting.

The person in charge of feedback at the Department of Computer Science (the Head of Studies) will make an annual compilation of received feedback, which will be discussed during a general assembly that is attended by both staff and students. When warranted, anonymous feedback may also be discussed in the team for improving instruction. The team will discuss the feedback on the basis of the compilations, and will cooperate with teachers to prepare changes for developing the teaching arrangements at the department. The preparations are made in cooperation with the teacher of each course and, if necessary, the person in charge of the sub-programme and the head of the department.

In addition to course feedback, the Head of Studies will gather feedback from representatives of the student organisation at least once in autumn and once in spring. These representatives are asked to compile the feedback they have gathered from students through their own channels.

People in charge of processing the feedback:

The person responsible for handling course feedback at the department is the Head of Studies. The Head of the Department also has access to the feedback teachers have received. The teachers do not have access to each others’ feedback without permission from the teacher in question, except if several teachers are teaching the same course.

The persons in charge of sub-programmes may have access to the feedback on teachers in their programme on request. The person in charge of a course can have access to the feedback on teaching assistants in the same course.

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