Computer science as a minor subject


581325 Introduction to Programming, 5 cr
582104 Methods for Software Engineering, 5 cr
At least one of the following
   582103 Advanced Course in Programming, 5 cr, or
   581328 Introduction to Databases, 5 cr
Optional basic or intermediate studies in Computer Science, 10 cr



Mandatory (for majoring students) or optional intermediate studies in Computer Science, 10 cr
Optional basic or intermediate studies in Computer Science, 25 cr
It is not allowed to include Software Engineering Lab or BSc Thesis to this module.



The advanced module in computer science is completed by following the syllabus of one of the sub-programmes, and students always have to agree
on the module contents with the professor in charge of the sub-programme. In general, they follow the same structure:
   Advanced studies in Computer Science 37 cr
   Seminars, 3 cr
   584332 Minor Subject Thesis in Computer Science, 20 cr


Rights of admission

All university students have the right to take the basic module (25 credits) and intermediate module (up to 35 credits) in computer science, or the computer science courses included in the minor module in method sciences (up to 55 credits). Students have to apply for the right to more extensive modules.

You can apply for the right to take the intermediate module after you have completed the basic module in both computer science and your own major subject. You can apply to the advanced module when you have completed the basic and intermediate module in both computer science and you own major subject. To gain the application-based right to study you are usually required to have grade level at least 3/5 in computer science.  Unless the course requirement state differently, you need at least intermediate level study rights to participate in advanced-module courses.


The applications are processed by the department’s head of studies, Kjell Lemström.  Apply with this form (in Finnish) You can either fill in the form online or print and send it by post. The answer will be sent to the email address you give on the form.


Transferring to the computer science degree programme


Students in degree programmes for physics, geology, chemistry, mathematics,  or statistics can transfer to computer science by applying to the Faculty of Science for transferral of their degree programme. For more details on transferral of degree programmes, please see Flamma, or ask the department or faculty’s student counsellors.


Become a JOO student at the Department of Computer Science

The studies office at your own university will help you fill in the application form and get the recommendation necessary to gain entry. For most universities, you can apply online, see details on the JOOPAS page with instructions. If you have a paper form, send it and its attachments to

      Student affairs office, Faculty of Science
      PO Box 44 (Jyrängöntie 2)

There are no deadlines for JOO applications.

You can get a transcript of your credits from the faculty student affairs office (or other service desks for student affairs).
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