Data Science Study Profile

Data scientists help organizations make sense of their data. As data collection grows in speed, size and complexity, new challenges emerge in dealing with this so called "big data". These range from efficient algorithms to analyze the data to the design of large, distributed systems to acquire and manage the data. The Data Science study profile is an MSc level programme that combines elements from different subfields of computer science, from machine learning to distributed systems, to train new generations of data scientists for the industry, academia, and administration.
The Data Science study profile is organized together by the Algorithms, Data Analytics and Machine Learning and the Networking and Services subprograms of the department. Students can take the Data Science profile under either subprogram. The language of education is English.
Contact persons: Prof. Jyrki Kivinen (Algorithms, Data Analytics and Machine Learning), Prof. Sasu Tarkoma (Networking and Services).
NB: From autumn 2017 on, this study profile is superseded by a new MSc programme in Data Science of the University of Helsinki. New MSc degree students in data science will enroll in the new degree programme. Students who started their MSc studies in computer science before autumn 2017 can study data science either according to this profile and the older computer science degree, or can transfer to the new data science degree programme.
Contact information for the Data Science MSc programme: