The Flexible Study Rights Scheme (JOO) at the Department of Computer Science

The flexible study rights scheme (JOO) holds for all Finnish universities. This agreement enables the students at the University of Helsinki to complete studies at other universities - studies which can be included in their degree - as well as offer students from other universities courses in the University of Helsinki. According to the agreement, study rights may be applied for in subjects that are not taught at the home university.

The applications to most universities, including Aalto University (TKK - Helsinki University of Technology, and HSE - Helsinki School of Economics), are made via a new JOOPAS system, see or contact your student advisor.

How to apply for Flexible Study Rights at other universities/institutions of higher education

As an undergraduate (BSc) or postgraduate (MSc)  student of the University of Helsinki, you may apply for study rights at other universities. You do not have to pay for your tuition at these institutions, as long as your studies can be included in your degree.

It is preferable that you do not apply for study rights until you know which studies will support your degree (i.e. not until you have completed some 30 credits in your major subject).

You can apply for study rights with the form found at

The department's JOO contact person is the Head of Studies (opintoesimies (at)

On the application form, you will be asked to list the studies you wish to complete elsewhere, and an excerpt from the study register is required.

Your application (including the study plan) will be transferred to the partner university via the JOOPAS system. The final decision for the study right will be done there; please check their possible deadlines. Please note that even if your JOO-application is endorsed from the Department, your application can be denied by the accepting university.

How can I enter the Computer Science Department as a JOO student?

You should ask at your home university how to have your application formally supported there. Technically, the application will in most cases done using In cases where this system is not used the paper form should be sent to The Faculty of Science Study Office, PO Box 44 (Jyrängöntie 2), 00014 University of Helsinki.

The application time for JOO is continuous.

The university study register will issue a transcript of your studies.

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