Mailing list for students

What is the most convenient way to get information about:

  • new course and seminar additions
  • important student-related infos
  • study-related internships and job offerings
  • exceptions to Dept's opening hours etc?

A mailing list for students informs our students about all of these and many more. This is a moderated and low-traffic list.

Please note that some of the messages will be in Finnish only. However, whenever the issues concern international students, a translation is provided.

How to join

Send an email to:

Text body and subject can be empty. You receive a confirmation email. Reply to that and your address will be added to the list.

Remove your address

Send an email to:

Text body and subject can be empty.

When your email address changes

You cannot change the address. You must remove your address from the list and join with a new address.

List for female students

Female students and staff members have their own list, The list is meant for encouragement and discussion about female presentation in the ICT community and the department. It can also be used to inform any events and projects related to the subject. Please, feel free to join us by sending an empty email to

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14.04.2010 - 17:12 Jaakko E Kurhila