Model schedule for MSc degree


It is best to organise your advanced module so that you complete the compulsory courses of your sub-programme as soon as possible, and primarily before taking optional courses. The intermediate-module course required for one of the programmes should be completed at the start of the Master's programme, unless you have already completed it for your BSc degree. You should complete most of the advanced-module lecture courses and one of the seminars during your first year, so that you will have acquired the background for your Master's thesis by the time you start your second year. In addition to the minimum requirements, further courses required to fulfil the degree (extra advanced courses, other optional courses) can be scheduled as you think is best.

Your detailed course schedule depends on your sub-programme and, even more, on your orientation inside your sub-programme. It is best to discuss these things with your FM-HOPS tutor as soon as possible. See the sub-programme pages for a more detailed information about the course selection.

1st autumn term,‭ ‬30‭ ‬credits

  • Personal study plan (FM-HOPS) work (start)
  • Scientific Writing for MSc in Computer Science, 3 cr
  • C-progamming, 4 cr, for Networking and services, if not in bachelor's degree
  • Compulsory course(s) of the program, 4-8 cr
  • Optional advanced courses, 4-16 cr
  • Other courses, including  Use of Computers, Academic Writing for Students in English-Medium Master's Degree Programmes 1, Linux Fundamentals, Introduction to Statistics, mathematics courses etc. as agreed in the personal study plan

1st spring term,‭ ‬30‭ ‬credits

  • Compulsory or optional advanced courses,‭ ‬12‭ ‬cr
  • Seminar,‭ ‬3‭ ‬cr
  • Other courses,‭ ‬15‭ ‬cr
  • This is the term recommended for at least 3 months of international student exchange programme

2nd autumn term,‭ ‬c. ‬30‭ ‬cr

  • Optional advanced courses,‭ ‬6‭ ‬cr
  • Seminar,‭ ‬3‭ ‬cr
  • Occupational studies,‭ ‬2‭ ‬cr
  • Master's thesis (Pro gradu) work (start)
  • Other courses,‭ ‬8‭ ‬cr

2nd spring term,‭ ‬c.‭ ‬30‭ ‬cr

  • Master's thesis (Pro gradu),‭ ‬40‭ ‬cr
  • FM-HOPS,‭ ‬1‭ ‬cr (final)

In this presentation, 'other courses' means all courses that you need in addition to your compulsory advanced courses (including the compulsory intermediate course if applicable). If you take other, complementary courses, they will change and extend your schedule.


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