Degree: Master of Science

How to graduate

This page explains the graduation process of master's degree students. Bachelor's degree students and doctoral students have their information elsewhere.

The process is student-initiated. You are the expert on your own studies, and you are the only one who can decide when you want to graduate.

The process has several steps which will be explained here. The steps assume that you have already finished all your courses and are about to submit your thesis.


1. Thesis submission

  • Submission of the thesis normally starts the graduation process, and it must be done approximately two months before the wished graduation date. The time can be slightly shorter or much longer during the summer time.
  • No paper copies are needed. When you have received a review report from your MSc thesis supervisor(s) sent by Grappa robot, the email will give you information how to proceed. See instructions onthe Master's thesis page for the exact process.

2. Maturity test

The maturity test is an obligatory part of both Bachelor's and Master's degrees. From Spring 2010 onwards, the maturity test is the Abstract of the thesis. It will be separately evaluated without grading ("Passed"), and either written or oral feedback is provided by the supervisor.


3. Review report and notification of acceptance

The advisors write a review report for your MSc thesis. The review report contains a suggested grade for the thesis. The report is handed over for the masters programme committee for final acceptance of the thesis. 


4. Registration of the Study Modules

To register your studies as part of the Master's degree, you need to get two or three study modules registered (plus possible minor study modules). For this you need to send a freeform application to address. These study modules included to the Master's degree are

  • Advanced Studies module
  • Other computer science studies  (Muut pääaineopinnot) module
  • Other  studies (Muut opinnot) module
    • Studies in any other subjects than in computer science
  • Supplementary studies (Täydentävät opinnot) module
    • The courses required as additional studies to your master's degree.
    • This module you could also have been applied for earlier, but now is the latest time to do so.

A page containing all the forms for different modules


5. Graduation request

The graduation request form must be submitted to the office of the Faculty Science (in Physicum). Your graduation day will be the day that you have submitted the request form.

General information about the graduation is given in Finnish on the Faculty page Valmistuminen


6. Graduation date (Publiikki)

This is your graduation date. Twice a year, graduation date is with a more festive Publicum ("Publiikki") that is held mostly in Finnish.. The dates and given degrees are available in Finnish on the Faculty page about Publiikki. On the past graduations, the table also contains the given degrees.

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Degree: Master of Science

Degree: Master of Science

Degree: Master of Science