Degree: Master of Science

Master of Science

The department offers expert education in its key areas of research in its Master's degree. The specialised sub-programmes and the Master's degree programmes reflect the key areas of research and teaching at the department. Each programme has its own degree requirements that are geared towards specialist skills in that field and building a scientific foundation. 
The specialisation areas, or the sub-programmes, in computer science at the department are
There are also two international Master's  degree programmes in English offered at the Department of Computer Science:
The Bachelor's education gives students a broad base of computer science to build their specialisations on; at the Master's level, the sub-programmes offer them education to become experts in their chosen field. The wide scope and depth of courses are important parts of this expert education.

Master's thesis

To complete their Master of Science degree, students majoring in computer science have to write a Master's thesis (called pro gradu in Finland) of 40 credits, as well as pass a maturity test.

The degree regulations of the Faculty of Science (10 April 2008, Article 9) stipulates: The advanced module of the major subject includes a pro gradu thesis that should show the student's ability for scientific thinking, command of scientific methods, conversance with the topic of the thesis, and aptitude for scientific communication. The Master's thesis plays a major role in the university degree.

The thesis is written for the sub-programme whose syllabus the degree will follow. Furthermore, courses should be selected so that they support the topic area that the student is interested in sufficiently.

The minor-subject thesis for the advanced module in computer science as a minor subject extends to 20 credits and does not include a maturity test in computer science.

Students can start writing their thesis once they have completed their BSc degree and  most compulsory advanced courses as well as all essential courses on the thesis topic. The sub-programmes may have their own requirements for which courses to complete before starting with the thesis work. While writing their theses, students must be registered as present at the university.

Maturity exam

Maturity exam is a mandatory part the MSc degree. In practice, the Maturity exam is the Abstract of the Master's thesis. The student is entitled to receive oral or written feedback from the maturity exam from the advisor/supervisor. Teaching administration will mark down the maturity exam to student's records at the same time when the Master's thesis is approved without any input from the advisor/supervisor.

Degree: Master of Science

Degree: Master of Science

Degree: Master of Science