Degree: Master of Science

Registration of intermediate module in computer science

Since spring 2008, students may have an intermediate module or a combined basic and intermediate module registered, even if they are following the 2005 degree requirements. The separate registration of basic and intermediate modules is intended to make it easier to allocate your credits into Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Major subject students can register basic and intermediate modules separately only if they are following the 2008 or 2010 degree requirements.

For the registration, students fill in the form intended for this notification, or write their own, unambiguous list of the courses that should be included in this module.

The courses that are compulsory in the degree requirements are pre-entered in the form. You can enter elective courses into the form. If one of the compulsory courses has been substituted with some other course, please change the form accordingly (strike through, a new row for a registered course, etc.). You do not generally need to note down a substitution in any other way, but they will be checked in the office.

You can fill in the form directly or print it out and fill it by hand.

You do not need to deliver a transcript from the study register, since the courses will be checked in Oodi.

    Intermediate module (major subject) according to the 2008 and 2010 requirements.

    Intermediate module (minor subject) according to the 2005-06..2007-08 requirements.

    Intermediate module (minor subject) according to the 2008 and 2010 requirements.

You can apply for the registration either by delivering the form (and a copy of the transferral decision if your module includes credits from elsewhere, and their correspondence does not show on the transcript) during office hours (Tue 13-14, Thu 14-15, office D240a), by leaving the documents with the porters for delivering to me, or by sending them by email. The registration is entered into the student register (OODI) within a couple of days; if the registration does not appear, please contact me. In times when office hours do not apply (e.g. during the summer), you can agree on a meeting with me by email, for example (or deliver me the forms and transcript by email).

Helsinki 21 January 2011

Jaakko Kurhila

Degree: Master of Science

Degree: Master of Science

Degree: Master of Science