Software Systems

The focus of the sub-programme of Software Systems is in methods for producing large and complex software in a systematic way. The development of this kind of software requires technical skills; other focuses include group and project work, disciplined high-quality development processes, documentation, and reuse. Students graduating from the sub-programme are typically appointed technical software or database system experts or software development project managers.

In the advanced studies of the sub-programme, students can specialize in software engineering, service-oriented software engineering, and database systems. The goal of software engineering education is to train students in processes needed in producing large high-quality software. The goal of education in service-oriented software engineering is to train experts at producing and managing inter-organizational service networks or at development of the software tools needed in these tasks. The goal of database systems education is to train experts at software systems that make use of database systems.

In this sub-programme, most of the courses are given in Finnish.

Contact person: Tomi Männistö