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  • Orientation for new computer science students in Sep1, 2016:  slides by Tiina

Below older stuff (HeLo 7.1.2014)

Orientation for new computer science students in Autumn 2012 - (Material partially valid in 2015)


  • The university-level orientation course for new international students studying in the Faculty of Science. More information on this course can be found on page www.helsinki.fi/orientation/.
  • The orientation session for new computer science students is on Friday August, 31, 2012 at 9:15 in Exactum, room D122. The new master's degree students will have their whole orientation session  in room D122. After the welcoming part of the session the exchange and visiting students will continue their orientation in Exactum, room C222. Both the sessions will end at 12.00.
    • Material of the orientation session: - From year 2012
  • The course 581324 Introduction to the Use of Computers introduces new students to the computing facilities of the department.
  • The course 582519 Scientific Writing for MSc in Computer Science introduces new master's students to scientific writing. It is obligatory for all new master's students, who do their degree in English. This course covers only the science aspect of writing. The next course is to improve the writing skills.
  • The course 993734 Academic Writing for Students in English-Medium Master's Degree Programmes 1 is targeted to students who need to improve their general writing skills.


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