Participating in courses and exams

Course, course exams and separate exams

You have to sign up for lecture courses during the first week of lectures at the latest, unless otherwise notified on the course page.
For separate exams, you need to sign up by the end of Monday of the week before the exam. The separate exams are listed on
Course exams are held in connection with the lecture course, and you do not need to sign up for them. The schedule for course exams is available on 

The contents of courses, required literature, and exams are listed in the course descriptions.
Students attending exams have to bring their student card or other identification. Each student attending an exam must write their name on the list of names that is circulated during the exam. They must write their full name, personal or student number, the name of the course, their signature, and the page number on each exam paper.


Project work: Programming project, Database application, Data structures project

Students who have dropped out of a previous project may not register directly for another group, but must sign up for the drop-out queue of that project. You can sign up for each project group up until the first day it convenes.
Registrations that have not been cancelled 48 hours before the group convenes for the first time are binding. Students who have made a binding registration but have not finished their project work by the deadline cannot sign up directly for a new group, but must register through the drop-out queue.
The project groups will be filled with the students who are present at the first meeting (note that the first meeting of the Programming project and the Database applications are held after the first lecture!).  Students who have signed up for the actual group and from the primary queue have priority. If there are places left in the project group, students who are present and in the primary queue will be accepted first, then students who are present and in the drop-out queue. They will be accepted in the order that they registered for the queues. This means that students must be present at the initial meeting of the project group or they will lose their place in the group.

If a group does not get enough members, it may be cancelled. Students whose project is cancelled are placed in parallel groups as far as possible.

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