Success in the PACE parameterized computation competition for Korhonen, Berg, Järvisalo

Tuukka Korhonen, Jeremias Berg, and Matti Järvisalo of the Constraint Reasoning and Optimization group have been awarded the second prize in the 2017 PACE Challenge (Parameterized Algorithms and Computational Experiments Challenge), track B on exact approaches to the NP-hard minimum fill-in problem.

As stated on the webpage of the competition, "the goal of the Parameterized Algorithms and Computational Experiments Challenge is to investigate the applicability of algorithmic ideas studied and developed in the subfields of multivariate, fine-grained parameterized, or fixed-parameter tractable algorithms". PACE 2017 was the second instantiation of the competition series.

22.09.2017 - 10:42 Matti Järvisalo
22.09.2017 - 10:39 Matti Järvisalo