User Experience - Why, What, How

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Studia generalia
08.12.2010 - 14:15 - 15:00
Dr. Virpi Roto
Room B119, Exactum, Kumpula

Expert lecture

User Experience - Why, What, How

Dr. Virpi Roto, University Researcher, University of Helsinki,
previously a principal scientist on User Experience in Nokia

Time: Wednesday, Dec-8th, 2010, at 14:15
Place: Room B119, Exactum, Kumpula

Industrial user experience (UX) work in experience economy (Pine & Gilmore 1999) is based on the idea of differentiation from competition. The academic research on user experience, in turn, focuses on the details of user experience, such as momentary emotions and experience formation. Both perspectives to UX are important when the mission is to build engaging systems. In this presentation, Virpi Roto talks about why UX is important for companies, what it actually means, and whether it is possible to systematically work towards enjoyable user experiences.

Dr. Virpi Roto joined the University of Helsinki, Computer Science Department, as a university researcher in October 2010. Formerly, she worked in Nokia Research Center, first as a usability researcher and then as a principal scientist in user experience. After finalizing PhD on Mobile Web Browsing User Experience, her mission in Nokia was to get a solid grounding for the field of user experience, which has lead to several publications, workshops and seminars on user experience definition and evaluation.

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