Security in the trenches (Nixu)

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15.04.2014 - 16:15 - 18:00
Janne Kauhanen
Exactum, D123

Tuesday 15 April Janne Kauhanen from Nixu gives a visiting lecture on what it is like working as a security consultant, and how to expand on a computer science degree to specialize on this field.

What are the important skills for a security professional and how can they be learned? What's with all this security certification business? What are the networks to look out for? Will security drive you insane or is it insanely fun?

Nixu ( is the largest expert organization specialized on security consultation in the Nordic countries.

The talk will be given in English.

Target audience: students, staff and alumni interested in security and/or computer science career examples.

Update: Slides are available (readable as text). The FISC report referenced in the talk can be found here.

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