"A PhD's experiences from industry: Security in practice"

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08.10.2015 - 12:00 - 13:00
Sini Ruohomaa
Exactum B121

A PhD's experiences from industry: Security in practice


University degrees are not just preparation for an academic career: they train you to think critically, process information and to find your way

in complex systems. In the best case, it does not even matter so much what you do, because you can learn efficiently and apply basic theoretical concepts to a widerange of different problems and situations.


Sini Ruohomaa gives a presentation on her experiences after a direction change, and a year of working at Ericsson Network Security. She

completed her PhD at the CS department in 2012 and spent two years teaching and setting up new security courses before taking the great

leap into the unknown.


Ericsson Network Security is a global competence center bringing together experts from all kinds of security fields from risk and

vulnerability analysis, penetration testing, cryptography and building security products. It is one of the largest security competence centers

in Finland.


Target audience: This presentation has been originally promised to the department's postdoc group, but is designed to be also relevant for

students and security-interested people in general."

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