Department of Computer Science
List of Awardees

Staff Member of The Year Award


The "Staff Member of The Year" award is coordinated and maintained by the Wellbeing Group at Computer Science Department, University of Helsinki.

 List of Awardees

 2008:  Tiina Väisänen 
 2009:  Greger Lindén
 2010:  Jaakko Kurhila
 2011:  Hannu Toivonen
 2012:  Mikko Pervilä
 2013:  Aaron Yi Ding
 2014:  Tiina Niklander
 2015:  Linkki (team award)
 2016:  Leena Kekäläinen
 2017:  Carat (team award)
 2018:  Teemu Roos

 The "Staff Member of The Year" is awarded to a staff member in 
 the Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki, 
 who has in a positive way distinguished her/himself among the 
 staff members during the past year. This person has improved 
 the spirit of our environment, our sense of community, the 
 department's relations with the society or the department's 
 visibility in the society.

 This award has replaced the "Positive Person" award previously 
 given to Tiina Väisänen, Greger Lindén and Jaakko Kurhila, 
 in 2008, 2009 and 2010, respectively.