AsVis - Visualizing association rules in SNP neighborhoods


AsVis is a web application for visualizing association rules obtained from short, sequential data (such as SNP neighborhoods) by means of data mining. It allows the association rules to be sorted by a variety of measures and filtered by position, enabling fast, interactive data exploration.

AsVis was made by Kimmo Kulovesi for the Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki and the Institute of Medical Technology, University of Tampere. It is intended to be used primarily with Juho Muhonen's Firm association rule miner, though it is not strictly necessary.

Interactive trial

AsVis may be used online without downloading or installing any software. This trial installation visualizes association rules mined from dbSNP. Please do not place heavy loads on the test server or use it for actual research, as you may download the program and the association rules below.


Visualisation of Associations Between Nucleotides in SNP Neighbourhoods (PDF)
Kimmo Kulovesi, Juho Muhonen, Ilkka Lappalainen, Pentti T. Riikonen, Mauno Vihinen, Hannu Toivonen and Tomi A. Pasanen. Workshop on Intelligent Data Analysis in bioMedicine and Pharmacology (IDAMAP'06), Verona, Italy, August 2006.

Obtaining the software

AsVis and its complete source code is distributed as free software under the GNU GPL license. It runs entirely on the server side, so users need not have any software other than a suitably modern, standards-compliant web browser installed locally. On the server side, the web server must be capable of executing CGI programs in a standard *nix shell environment.

The latest version of AsVis will always be available for download on this website.


The complete source code to AsVis. Please see the included README file for instructions. The current release is dated 2005-11-25.
The complete source code to the Firm association rule miner. The version available on this page has been tested for compatibility with the current release of AsVis. See the author's website for possible updates.