BOI 2006

Baltic Olympiads in Informatics, BOI 2006 will take place in Heinola, Finland May 18-22, 2006. This high-class event will bring to Heinola approximately 50 of most talented upper secondary school age students in the field of informatics and computer science from maximum nine countries around the Baltic Sea.

The main goals of the BOI are to stimulate interest in informatics and bring together exceptionally talented students, encourage them to share scientific and cultural experiences and to give the contestants an experience of an international event before they go out to the International Olympiad in Informatics, IOI. Therefore, the structure of the competition and the nature of tasks are similar to that of the IOI.

BOI 2006 is organized by the National Board of Education, the University of Helsinki and Heinola Upper Secondary School. The main sponsor is Microsoft.

Website Updates

2006-07-11 photos now in place
2006-06-16 tasks descriptions and test data added
2006-05-23 tasks, results and photos updated
2006-05-08 names of guides added on participants page
information on programming environment updated
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Past BOIs

Year Location Countries

2005 Pasvalys, Lithuania 8
2004 Ventspils, Latvia 8
2003 Tartu, Estonia 7
2002 Vilnius, Lithuania 8
2001 Sopot, Poland 8
2000 Haninge, Sweden 7
1999 Riga, Latvia 7
1998 Tartu, Estonia 5
1997 Vilnius, Lithuania 4
1996 Riga, Latvia 3
1995 Tartu, Estonia 3