Paper submission

All BREW participants will submit a paper that will be reviewed by other participants. Each participant will present his or her paper at the workshop. The paper should follow the guidelines given below. We will accept review, research or project plan papers, formatted as a PDF file. No other formats will be accepted. The key dates regarding papers are:

  • February 8 - Abstract submission deadline.
  • March 7 - Paper submission deadline
  • March 28 - Review deadline
  • April 16 - Deadline for final version of paper

Types of papers

Papers should present a method, an algorithm or results, but if you have just started a project you may not have something fully developed to present. In that case you can submit a review paper or a paper describing what you plan to do. Consult your local advisor in case of doubt. Review papers must give an introduction to the literature in your particular field, as your reviewer might not be familiar with your particular research field (this also goes for the other papers). For more information see paper guidelines.