Presentations and Chairing

Each participant needs to prepare an oral presentation. Each presentation has a 20 minute slot in the program, of which 5 minutes should be reserved for Q&A. For smooth transitions between the talks, please preload your slides to the local computer before your session starts.

It is customary to BREW that the sessions will be chaired by the participants. However, we're changing it a bit, from having chairs for whole sessions at a time, to every participant "mini-chairing" for one speaker. The speaker-chair pairs were drawn randomly and are shown in the table below.

Session 1 (May 19, 9:30-10:50)
Zhaoran ZhouSulev Reisberg
Tonis TasaSabrina Krakau
Sulev ReisbergStefan Budach
Kaido LepikJarno Alanko
Session 2 (May 19, 11:20-12:00)
Maja IlievskaLeon Kuchenbecker
Lukas PfannschmidtYaxin Xue
Session 3 (May 19, 15:20-16:00)
Leon KuchenbeckerKaido Lepik
Parisa MaparZhaoran Zhou
Session 4 (May 20, 9:30-11:10)
Max SchubachAnna Ufliand
Sabrina KrakauMaja Ilievska
Stefan BudachLukas Pfannschmidt
Katarzyna ChyzynskaOmar Castillo
Omar CastilloTonis Tasa
Session 5 (May 20, 11:30-12:10)
Anna UfliandKatarzyna Chyzynska
Konika ChawlaParisa Mapar
Session 6 (May 20, 14:00-14:40)
Jarno AlankoKonika Chawla
Yaxin XueMax Schubach

The chair person introduces the speaker and the topic of the presentation. When the speaker begins his or her presentation, the chair person acts as a time-keeper and uses prompts to show how much time is left, e.g. 5 minutes, 2 minutes and 0 minutes. When the speaker finishes the talk, the chair person manages the Q&A. Here are some useful tips on chairing Feel free to ask the organizers if there is anything you're unsure of.