Selected publications

The CINCO group mission is to develop solutions for service interoperability and management of dynamically formed service collaborations and peer communities. The solutions are grounded to a global infrastructure that supports interoperability and contract-based community management (establishment, control and breach recovery), and complemented with service-oriented software engineering practices.

Below, you can find our recommendations for referencing our work depending whether you wish to refer CINCO group work in general, or specific features of Pilarcos architecture or prototype infrastructure services.


Service-interoperability and collaboration control infrastructure:

Community establishment facilities; multiway matching of service offers; decision-making support, including reputation-based trust decisions:

Service interoperability and type safety:

  • Toni Ruokolainen and Lea Kutvonen. Service Typing in Collaborative Systems. In 2nd International Conference on Interoperability for Enterprise Software and Applications (I-ESA 2006). Springer-Verlag, March 2006.

Unifying external business processes:

  • Alex Norta and Paul Grefen. Discovering Patterns for Inter-Organizational Business Collaboration. International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems, 16(3/4):507-544, December 2007.


  • Sini Ruohomaa and Lea Kutvonen. Trust management survey. In Proceedings of the iTrust 3rd International Conference on Trust Management, 23-26, May, 2005, Rocquencourt, France, pages 77-92. Springer-Verlag, LNCS 3477/2005, May 2005. PDF.
  • Sini Ruohomaa, Lea Kutvonen, and Eleni Koutrouli. Reputation management survey. In Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security (ARES 2007), pages 103-111, Vienna, Austria, April 2007. IEEE Computer Society.