MapLab is a Java application that reads in public transport data from Google Transit Data Feed and outputs a .kml file with the routes and route labels.
Sample output (JavaScript must be enabled):

View Larger Map in Google Maps (hint: remove satellite image)

More samples: somewhere in
Austin Dallas Denver

Whole cities (DISCLAIMER: due to Google Maps restrictions not all labels are displayed) :
Austin Dallas Denver Portland

Goal for the student Software Engineering project:   Take MapLab on the next level

Here are some examples of what the “next level” may mean: Depending on stunents nterest and expertise, other upgrades to MapLab may be welcome. Ideally, they should be inline with the MeeGo community.

Why MapLab?

Why on (Google) earth is MapLab needed? Google Maps already has the Transit layer...
Well, we felt the routes look a bit naked in the layer. Below is a screenshot of Google Maps with the Tranist layer on:

The grey lines representing the routes could have been more useful had we known to what route each line corresponds.

MapLab adds the route labels, and here's the same location after loading our .kml file:

For a complete comparision, here's the same location with our labels and routes, but without the Google Transit layer:

If you'd like to label routes for your city, check if there is a data feed for it.
Download MapLab -- and label away your own way! (Readme)
Initial coding was done by
 David Consuegra, Vesa Hautsalo, Niko Himanen, Anttijuhani Lantto and Mikko Sysikaski
as a Software Engineering project at CS Dept, U of Helsinki.
Valentin Polishchuk is the project's customer.
Arto Vihavainen is the current MapLab developer.