An answer set optimizer based on the implicit hitting set paradigm


ASP-HS [1] instantiates the implicit hitting set approach [2, 3] to optimization for ASP. The approach is based on iterative calls to a core extractor and hitting set optimizer. ASP-HS uses WASP [4, 5] as the ASP core extractor and IBM CPLEX as the optimizer. CPLEX is available under a free academic license. ASP-HS is developed by the Constraint Optimization and Reasoning Group at the Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki. The system is implemented by Paul Saikko.

ASP-HS extends the plain implicit hitting set approach with core minimization, disjoint cores, reduced-cost fixing, bounds based on Clark's completion, and non-core constraints.


ASP-HS is available in open source under the MIT license at GitHub.


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