Material on Bayesian networks and related topics

Below you will find a collection of links related to research on Bayesian networks. Most links are from the following technology survey:

Research groups

Bayesians Worldwide
Complex Systems Computation Group (CoSCo), University of Helsinki
Automated Learning group, NASA
Microsoft Research Decision Theory & Adaptive Systems
Decision Support Systems, Aalborg University
Bayesian Knowledge Discovery Project, The Open University
Decision Systems Laboratory, University of Pittsburgh
Mixture Modelling
AIGroup Home Page, Cantabria University/Cornell University
HOME PAGE Group UTAI Universidad de Granada


Petri Myllymäki, Henry Tirri: Prospects of Bayesian networks (in Finnish), Technology Survey 58/98, National Technology Agency, 1998.
Bayesian network tutorials
TP Minka's tutorial notes
Probabilistic Thinking
BIPS: Bayesian Inference for the Physical Sciences
Bayes Theorem
Bayesian Network Repository
September 1993 Issue - Belief Networks
AFIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Home Page
Artificial Intelligence II
Course Notes on Bayesian Networks
Introduction to Temporal Bayesian Networks
Bayesian Networks at UGAI'97
Bayesian Links
Introduction to Probability Theory
Bayesian Belief Networks
Bayesian Network Demos

Pointers to literature

Pointers to Bayesian Networks Literature
INFORMS/SDA - Decision Analysis Books


UAI maillist archive by thread
The Society for Artificial Intelligence & Statistics
Assoc for Uncertainty in AI
Society for AI and Statistics
International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA)
ASA Section on Bayesian Statistical Sciences
European Association for Decision Making
Decision Analysis Society Home Page
Society for Risk Analysis: Risk Assessment, Characterization, Management, Communication, and Policy
Classification Society of North America
UAI maillist archive by thread



Microsoft believes in Bayesian networks
Reasons for using Bayesian nets
Deployed Bayesian net systems in routine use


AI systems in routine clinical use
Microsoft Troubleshooters
Microsoft Onparenting
Talaria: A Hypermedia Assistant for Cancer Pain Management
Lumiere, Microsoft's intelligent operating system
Super-resolution images (NASA)
NASA Mission control (the VISTA system)
Lockheed underwater vehicle control
General Electric Aircraft Engine Design
Turbo coding
Bayesian Network Mobile Robot
Heart Disease Program
Decision Systems Laboratory: Hailfinder
AFIT Artificial Intelligence -- Bayesian Networks Research Applications
Hugin Applications


Software based on the standard BN model

Baron (KC Associates)
BAYBUILDER (SNN, University of Nijmegen)
Bayes Net Applet (Michel Cline)
BELIEF (Russel Almond)
BIFROST (Bo Thiesson)
BKD: Bayesian Knowledge Discoverer (Marco Ramoni)
BUGS (MRC Biostatistics Unit, Cambridge, UK )
CoCo (Jens Henrik Badsberg)
DATA (TreeAge)
Decision Tools Suite (Palisade)
DPL: Decision Programming Language (Applied Decision Analysis)
DX Solution Series (Knowledge Industries)
Ergo/Cogito (Noetic Systems)
HUGIN (Hugin Expert)
IDEAL (Rockwell International Science Center)
JAVABAYES (Fabio Gozman)
MacEvidence (Prakash Shenoy)
Microsoft Belief Network Tools
MSBN (Microsoft)
MIM (Hypergraph))
NETICA (Norsys Software)
Pulcinella (IRIDIA)
S-ElimBel (Nicholas Thiery)
Software Package by Radford Neal
SPI (Bruce D'Ambrosio)
STRATEGIST (Prevision)
TETRAD (Carnegie-Mellon University)
TresBel (Hong Xu
XBaies (Robert Cowell)
X-pert (AI Group, Cantabria University)
XPress (Mark Stitson)

Software based on finite mixture models (latent variable models)

AutoClass (NASA)
BAYDA (CoSCo, University of Helsinki)

Additional link collections

Software for Belief Networks
Free Bayesian Network Packages
Mixture modelling, Clustering, Intrinsic classification, Unsupervised learning and Mixture modeling


Bayesian Networks and Software Risk Assessment at Agena
Applied Decision Analysis
Bayesian Systems
Bayesware Limited
Hugin Expert
Hugin Expert A/S - Home Page
Kalamation International, LLC: Java Software Freeware and Outsourcing, Data Modeling and Analysis, Curve Fitting, Bayesian Networks
Knowledge Industries
Lumina Decision Systems
Noetic Systems
Norsys Software
Palisade Corporation
Prevision Inc.
TreeAge Software, Inc.
Ultimode Systems. Data mining and data engineering solutions.

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