3 Concepts: Information

Term paper

Term paper is a short article (about 10-20 pages, 12pt font with reasonable margins!) on a selected course-related topic. Term paper IS NOT a translated (or non-translated) copy of a single source, but a synthesis of existing ideas and your own ideas for narrow enough topic to be manageable in a regular conference paper format.

Topics suggested by the students are encouraged, but it must be acknowledged by Petri. In addition to (suitably general) poster topics the following topics are possible for term papers:

Occam's Razor (http://philosophy.wisc.edu/simplicity/)
Minimum Message Length modeling (http://www.csse.monash.edu.au/~lloyd/tildeMML/)
Compression of microarray images (biological data) (http://www.stat.rutgers.edu/~rebecka/index.html)
Information theory and gambling
Maximum Entropy principle and its applications

The term paper deadline is TBA.


 3 Concepts: Information