Three Concepts: Information


Pictures of the poster session held on November 21, 2007.

A part of the course (25 % of the grade) is to prepare a poster presentation for the joint poster session. The posters will be prepared in pairs.

A poster session is an occasion where you present your topic to the public with the help of posters on a bulletin board. Your role is to stand nearby your poster, explain details and answer questions to the public. Because everyone is doing this at the same time, you do not need to give a lecture, and the public can wander around the poster session room and concentrate on posters whose topics interest them. The session is meant to be relaxed and rather informal.

Poster report

After the poster session, each student has to write a poster report containing a short (one paragraph) evaluation of each of the posters (execpt his/her own). The poster reports are to be done individually, not in pairs. In your evaluation, pay attention to both the poster layout (How well does the material explain the poster topic? Does it support the verbal poster presentation well?) and to the verbal presentation (Did the presenter/presenters seem to know their business? Were they capable of explaining the material well?). Please give the name or names of the people who were presenting the poster to you. Give also an overall score of the poster using the scale A- (below average), A (average) and A+ (above average). Note that this means that each student has to visit all the posters during the poster session! I strongly advice you to take notes during the session, as this will be a great help when writing the poster report. The deadline for the poster reports is Wed, 05.12. (at midnight).

Guidelines for poster presentation

Some guidelines for designing the poster can be found from the following addresses:

The poster area is 95 cm x 115 cm (long side vertical, i.e., "portrait" orientation). Copies of the poster material should be delivered to the instructors after the poster session. The poster session will be held Wed 21.11. Participation necessary in order to pass the course.

Language: Prepare the posters in English, but it is OK to speak in Finnish during the session, except that please be prepared to use English for potential poster session guests who do not understand Finnish.

Poster topics

You may choose freely a poster topic for yourself from the following list. The topics that have been already assigned have the name(s) of the presentator(s) after the topic. In case there is only one name, please contact either Jukka or Teemu or the person in question directly in order to find out whether it is possible to prepare the poster in pairs.

The topics are not ordered by their difficultness, for example - they are in "random" order. If needed, more topics will be added after the course has started.

Note: You may also do the poster from a topic of your own. Ask Teemu whether your topic needs improving or whether it's ok. The source material below for each topic is only a suggestion. You can do not have to use it, and you can use any other material you find.

Favourites: Personal favourites of the lecturer are marked by "".

  1. Information Theory and Gambling
  2. Compression with Infinite Alphabets
  3. MDL Denoising
  4. Kolmogorov Complexity and Shannon Information
  5. Martin-Löf Randomness
  6. Algorithmic Statistics
  7. The Incompressibility Method
  8. Quantum Algorithmic Information Theory
  9. Randomness and Mathematical Proof
  10. Minimum Message Length (MML) Principle
  11. Ziv-Lempel Coding
  12. Dynamic Huffman Codes
  13. Gene Expression Data Classification via MDL
  14. Information Bottleneck
  15. Normalized Information Distance
  16. Universal Types and Simulation of Individual Sequences
  17. CTW Compression Algorithm
  18. Model Selection by NML
  19. Image Compression
  20. Predictive Text Input and Shannon Entropy


 Three Concepts: Information