Testing plan

1. Introduction

This is the testing plan for the 2D-barcode project. The purpose of the document is to give an idea of which parts of the software that's going to be tested.

2. Unit testing

  • Server
    • All the parts of the API
    • admin-pages
  • Client
    • the different classes
  • Cache

3. Integration testing

  • That the different classes in the client works together and that the client works with the cache

4. System testing

  • Testing that all the use cases are valid
  • Testing that the system can handle at least 4 sec/ticket
  • Testing that the checking of the barcode is easy, that the camera can capture the barcode in different conditions
  • Testing that the system returns the right information back to the user about the tickets status

5. Other testing

  • Stress testing

6. Test timetable

  • Stress testing session on 28.4.09
    • Duration: 1 hour
    • Setup: 4 clients for reading tickets, 1 server, 50 tickets