LZ77 factorization algorithms

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This webpage is devoted to algorithms computing Lempel-Ziv factorization (also known as Lempel-Ziv or LZ77 parsing). We present C++ implementations of different algorithms varying in speed and space consumption.

Name Spacea Complexityb Comments Paper Code
KKP3 13n O(n) The fastest algorithm if the text is not highly repetitive. [1][2] download
KKP2 9n O(n) The most space-efficient O(n)-time algorithm for integer alphabet.
KKP1s 5n O(n) A version of KKP2 that streams the suffix array from the disk.
ISA9 9n O(n log σ) One of the fastest algorithms at this memory usage. [1][3] download
ISA6s 6n O(n log σ) Slower, but more space-efficient version of ISA9.
ISA6r 6n O(n log σ) A version of ISA6s specialized for highly repetitive inputs.
LZscan n+O(n/d) O(nd × log(n/d)) Parameter d controls the time/space trade-off. [4] download

a Summarizes the practical space consumption assuming 32-bit integers and byte alphabet.
b Assuming the input text is of length n and consists of symbol drawn from an alphabet of size σ.


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