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PICSearch ver. 3.1alphabetagamma

Improvements provided
Note that althought PICS99 project has ended, PICSearch v3.1alphabetagamma is a buggy preview version and shouldn't be used. It will be improved during this month by the members of the PICS99 team.

Unless desperate, or a member of bureaucracy, please do not use this version. For the latter, however, we provide it here.

 Download PICSearch v3.1abg


 Timetable (chart, in finnish)

 Planning document (in finnish)

 Design requirements

 Design specification and implementation of corrections

 Implementation and Testing Document

 Project Closing Document

Meetings, in finnish

 Meeting 28.1.99

 Meeting 1.2.99

 Meeting 4.2.99

 Meeting 8.2.99

 Meeting 11.2.99

 Meeting 18.2.99

 Meeting 22.2.99

 Meeting 25.2.99

 Meeting 1.3.99

 Meeting 4.3.99

 Meeting 8.3.99

 Meeting 11.3.99

 Meeting 22.3.99

 Meeting 25.3.99

 Meeting 29.3.99

 Meeting 8.4.99

 Meeting 12.4.99

 Meeting 15.4.99

 Meeting 19.4.99

 Meeting 26.4.99

 Meeting 3.5.99

 Meeting 6.5.99

 Meeting 10.5.99


PICSearch version 3.0 download (tar / gzip -archive)
Homepage of pics98 project (previous pics -project)

Homepage of PICSearch program

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