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WISEciti Project

WISEciti (Wireless Community Services for Mobile Citizens) project is a joint research initiative between Arcada, Birdstep Technology, Ericsson Finland, HIIT, M-OAS, NetHawk, Nokia, PvTT, TeliaSonera Finland, TKK/PM&RG, University of Helsinki, and VTT.

The project studies various aspects related to the mobility enabling technologies for acquiring insight to the future IP-based mobility solutions and their impact. This includes analyzing the business networks and market structure and their dynamics in the viewpoints of mobility-enabled network architectures and protocols as well as defining methods for modeling and modeling of future, innovative end-user services.

In order to provide further insight to applicability of the Host Identity Protocol (HIP) in real networks, the project develops the architecture and components of HIP networking further and implements a globally accessible HIP network infrastructure for piloting mobile, VPN-based Internet access over HIP. Establishing and maintaining network connectivity in a mobile, heterogeneous environment raises various challenges, in particular in a multi-access environment with multi-homing support for mobile devices. The project studies existing and evolving mobility-enhanced network architectures and their impact on local and global mobility in real, managed access networks. In addition, further enhancements to network management and optimized connectivity in terms of resource control, traffic congestion and rate control within a localized administrative domain are studied for supporting seamless connectivity for mobile devices.

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Research Institutions

  • Arcada University of Applied Sciences (Arcada)
  • Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT)
  • Helsinki University of Technology (TKK) / PM&RG
  • University of Helsinki (UH)
  • VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT)

Industrial Partners

  • Birdstep Technology
  • Ericsson Finland
  • Mobile Open Access Systems M-OAS
  • NetHawk
  • Nokia
  • Puolustusvoimien Teknillinen Tutkimuslaitos (PvTT)
  • TeliaSonera Finland

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Contact information

For further information, please contact

  • Markku Kojo, University of Helsinki

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