kernel freeze on 2.4.0.prerelease (smp,raid5)

Otto Meier (
Tue, 02 Jan 2001 18:19:41 +0100

On all kernels newer than 2.4.0t13p3 I have the following problem.

shorly after boot (some seconds) the system freeze. I can only swith consoles
but i am not able to login. Over the net I get onyl responses to
pings nothing else.

Up to kernel 2.4.0.t13p3 everythings works fine.

Sorry for this simple description, but I am not able to get more clear infos.
No oops, nothing in the logs after reboot with 240t13p3.

Perhaps someone has an idea where to dig?

ps: Here is my short system description:

Dual Celeron (SMP)
Raid5 (3 drives actuall 2 drives degra. mode)

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