Re: Happy new year^H^H^H^Hkernel..

Gerold Jury (
Tue, 02 Jan 2001 23:37:31 +0100

Sorry for that stupid mistake.
The patches to the isdn part do not make a difference to the kernel hang
that i experienced lately.
When i reversed the patch for the mentioned files i checked the kernel
configuration and noticed that the "diversion services for isdn" where
on, a feature that i cannot use at the moment with my carrier.
I switched them off before i compiled the new kernel.
This is what makes the difference.
Kernel 2.4.0-test13-pre4 was the previous one that I used (with
diversion services on, i am a fan of make oldconfig) and that did not
show the problem (as all of the previous kernels, test9, test10, test12).

I have reversed the patches part by part, the only thing that makes a
difference is the diversion services.
The reason for this remains unknown for me.

I use a fritz pnp/isa card, driver compiled as a module.
No SMP, isdn in kernel.
Close to nothing running during the hangup.

The problem is reproducable and i would be glad to help testing any


Gerold Jury wrote:

> The ISDN changes for the HISAX drivers
> that came in since test12 have introduced a bug that causes a
> AIEE-something and a complete kernel hang when i hangup the isdn line.
> I have reversed the patch for all occurences of INIT_LIST_HEAD in the
> isdn patch part and it works for me now.
> The relevant part is attached. Please back it out for 2.4.0.
> Happy new year
> Gerold Jury

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