[PATCH] svgalib error in mmap documentation

Matan Ziv-Av (matan@svgalib.org)
Sat, 6 Jan 2001 10:33:27 +0200 (IST)


svgalib needs to be compiled without background support in order to run
under kernl 2.4.0 or newer. Here's a patch to Documentation/Changes that
says this.

--- /usr/src/linux.b/Documentation/Changes Tue Dec 12 18:43:22 2000
+++ linux/Documentation/Changes Sat Jan 6 10:28:20 2001
@@ -517,6 +517,14 @@
Older isdn4k-utils versions don't support EXTRAVERSION into kernel version
string. A upgrade to isdn4k-utils.v3.1beta7 or later is recomented.

+If you want svgalib programs to run with kernel 2.4.0 or newer, svgalib
+needs to be compiled without background support (BACKGROUND not defined in
+Makefile.cfg). This is relevant to any svgalib version.
+This is because svgalib uses mmap of /proc/mem to emulate vga's memory bank
+switching when in background, and kernel 2.4.0 stopped supporting this feature.

Matan Ziv-Av.                         matan@svgalib.org

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