Re: Crypto in 2.4

Jon Masters (
Sat, 06 Jan 2001 23:29:55 +0000

Marc Mutz wrote:

> A should be on
> But it has been heavily re-worked. I haven't got my hands on that one
> and will keep quiet as to what extend that patch is produiction-ready,
> but I remember that the loop driver in 2.4.0 still can stall your box.

Hmmm, it's magically appeared :P

As far as the stability goes, this is one of my current hang-ups - I've
heard about the loopback stuff in 2.4. I want to use 2.4 but I can't use
any of my systems without crypto (and hence loopback) since key personal
data is stored therein and I don't want to sacrifice stability.

> Since the kerneli crypto relies on loop, this would count in favor of
> "don't do that yet".

Indeed. I wish I could help improve things - I'm not really in the game
yet although I want to be and I am working towards that.

> BTW: You might want to join (majordomo) if
> you are interested in kerneli.

Indeed I am interested - I've been using it for quite some time - I
really don't know why I overlooked that list.

jcm mails majordomo...


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